The Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world.

What is the animal for the Chinese New Year 2019?

This year marks the Year of the Pig, which is the 12th of all zodiac animals. It marks an end to a complete cycle of rotation through all twelve zodiac signs. It is a good time to rest up a bit from the previous zodiac years and get ready to start the new cycle next year.

Chinese New Year is not a holiday that occurs on just a single day. It covers a period of time that includes many different activities, feasts and festivals  that have a variety of cultural implications. It is a long holiday and has many fun and interesting activities to enjoy.

The Little Year is when preparations for the new year begin. This is the time to thoroughly clean your house. This is done in order to get rid of the potential of bad luck.  This year Little Year starts on January 28th and ends February 5th.

New Year’s Eve, February 4th, is an important day because this is when families get together to share a reunion dinner. After a delicious feast of the family’s favorite foods and specialty items, children will receive red envelopes containing a gift, usually money.

Spring Festival is when we celebrate the New Year, it is New Year’s Day. It starts off with firecrackers and the day is spent celebrating the new year with friends, families and neighbors. In ancient times, people would observe the heaven’s and record the weather in order to forecast and predict the fortunes of the coming year. Opposite of the Little Year, cleaning the house is not allowed during the Spring Festival because it is believed that one will clean up or throw out good luck. Chinese New Year 2019 begins on February 5th and ends on February 19th.

Preparations begin on February 16th for the Lantern Festival, which is held on February 19th. The Chinese New Year holiday ends with theLantern Festival. The festival has been a tradition for over two thousand year and, while it has many meanings, is a day to celebrate family reunion and society in general. People make lanterns and often write riddles on them as a sort of game. It is a beautiful time of year because the moon is full. People can come out at night to socialize and watch the lanterns admit the full moon.