Project Description


“Ba Guan” or cupping is another commonly seen modality of Oriental medicine. In fact, this treatment method has been used all over the world in nearly every culture throughout all of the ages. Not only does it offer exceptional health benefits but it also feels good; most describe it as refreshing or soothing. The idea is very simple; a make a vacuum in a cup and stick it onto the skin in order to pull the tissue. It was most likely originally used to pull out embedded thorns or tooth fragments, or to suck out blood and pus from abscesses and wounds. In Oriental medicine, it became repurposed as a therapy to pull out pathogenic wind and cold from the body’s surface in what is referred to as a “shang han” or wind-cold condition. Cupping also works well to move blood that has coagulated near the body surface or to promote the perfusion of blood into the regions where the cups are placed. And in more recent studies, the suction from the cups actually pulls out various gases, some of which are noxious, out from the tissues which serves as a method of detox. There are a fews ways to preform cupping: moving cupping is where the cups are moved about the body surface, stationary cupping is where the cups are placed on a certain spot and left there for a bit, and flash cupping where the cups are put on and taken off in rapid succession all about the area that is being treated. Well, there more but those are the three most common methods that we use at our clinic. Often there are some “hickey-marks” or a discoloration where the suction was placed. This typically fades in just a short time. The darker and more obstinate the mark, the more enduring is the pattern of disease and the lighter infers the disease is less serious or enduring.