Project Description


There are many variations of massage and bodywork that are used to heal the body and mind. We provide a healthy variation of techniques used according to your specifics needs. The bodywork associated with Chinese medicine utilizes the same medical theories and treatment principles fundamental to the system. Common treatments include acupressure, tuina, rolling, original point therapy, body straightening, and reflexology.

Tuina means to “push and pull”. It is a complete system of Chinese bodywork that can be used to treat internal or external conditions. It is much more detailed than acupressure or massage because it utilizes many different manual techniques that correspond to the meridians, anatomy, Chinese medical theory, specific disease conditions, and remedial applications.

Original Point Therapy
Original Point Therapy was developed by Dr.Chang Chao-Han of Taiwan. It is a system of soft tissue manipulation used to correct painful conditions that he developed through actual clinical experience. The system allows the practitioner to focus the therapy onto the area of pain or dysfunction without causing unnecessary irritation or side-effects. The therapy targets tendon/ligament structures adjacent to the bones and joints and helps to ameliorate, decongest, and relax areas of pathology near important areas of the human nervous and musculo-skeletal system.

Often the treatment is enhanced by using a heat source on those same areas in the form of moxibustion, heated acupuncture, warm herbal compresses or liniments, or friction. It can also be used in tandem with acupuncture, traditional Chinese tuina, or physical therapy.

  • Acupressure

  • Chinese tuina

  • Positional release

  • Reiki

  • Massage