Rob comes to massage from an athletic background. He grew up playing sports and weightlifting before discovering climbing in 2010. Rob’s focus in massage is to treat pain and improve performance, whether that means running a marathon or working at a desk. His goal is to help you move better and feel better in your body. He works mainly on freeing and balancing the fascial system, which connects and covers all the muscles, bones, and soft tissue in the body along fascial meridians. His belief is that everything is connected and in his bodywork sessions, his work not only focuses on problem areas but also on areas that contribute to pain and discomfort in those areas. Rob not only wants to provide relief, but also education to his clients and will share ideas for self-care with the client if they want to take an active role in their healing. He continues to pursue education himself, striving for a deeper understanding of how the body works and the best ways to treat it, based on what each individual client needs. He is currently studying Anatomy Trains Structural Integration in addition to several movement and mobility practices to help his clients achieve lasting results long after the session is over.

Rob also enjoys cooking for family and friends, writing about personal development, reading as much as possible, and teacher assisting at the San Francisco School of Massage. In the future, he hopes to write books and teach classes to share his understanding of how the body works and how to treat it.

  • Therapeutic Sports Massage

  • Pain Relief

  • Postural Alignment

  • Sports Performance/Injury prevention

  • Trigger Point/Fascial Release

  • Structural Integration

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