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Welcome to Retreat Acupuncture and Wellness in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Helping people heal with traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and massage for over a decade

Retreat Acupuncture and Wellness has been providing healthcare through traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and massage for over a decade to its surrounding community. It is located in Lower Pacific Heights near Japantown in the historic Healing Arts building on the corner of Bush and Octavia. Retreat was originally focused on women’s wellness however through time, it has grown into a general practice offering a few areas of specialization based on our patients’ needs.

We have a team of excellent healthcare practitioners that care about the quality of care they offer to each patient. Each professional health care provider on the Retreat Acupuncture team is California State Board Certified.

Retreat Acupuncture has been an active part of the community for more than a decade. We aim to provide excellent health care that is focused on each individual and their unique health care needs. Our mission is to help improve the health and wellness of each patient.

Our caring, expert practitioners are dedicated to each person’s unique health concerns



Cupping Therapy


Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine



Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


Myofascial Release



Anna is wonderful — and is the only acupunturist who was able to bring me relief of chronic and very painful gastrointestinal issues. She was kind, acessible, and flexible.

She takes a very holistic approach, asking me questions each week about my lifestyle, diet, changes I was noticing, etc. I felt that she was very thoughtful and thorough. She also taught me a lot about how acupuncture works, since it was my first time.

The building and space is beautiful, too.

Anna Severn is the best! Since starting with her in Sept 2017, I have moved to monthly maintaince and I have NOT had any of my previous symptoms return!! My creaky knee is smooth (even after a 9 hr. Road trip), and all of my fingers that had trigger finger are still healed!

Anna is very honest and doesn’t try to talk you into having more treatments than needed!

Come experience natural care for:

Retreat Acupuncture
1801 Bush Street
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San Francisco, CA 94109
Acupuncture in a Nutshell

What can acupuncturists treat?

Acupuncture is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of medical problems. Below are some of the health concerns that acupuncture can effectively treat:

Addiction Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Bronchitis Carpal tunnel syndrome Chronic fatigue Colitis Common cold Constipation Dental pain Depression Diarrhea Digestive Continue reading

How are acupuncturists educated?

Today, acupuncturists undertake three to four years of extensive and comprehensive graduate training at nationally certified schools. All acupuncturists must pass a national exam and meet strict guidelines to practice in every state.

How safe is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is extremely safe. It is an all-natural, drug-free therapy, yielding no side effects just feelings of relaxation and well-being. There is little danger of infection from acupuncture needles because they are sterile, used once, and then discarded.

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